Bare-Bones Organizational Chart Sinks Proposal

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When a procuring agency asks for details, an offeror better provide those details–or run the risk of exclusion from the competition.

Recently, the GAO has confirmed that offerors must provide sufficient detail or run the risk of being eliminated from a competition. First, came Res Rei Development, Inc., B-40466.7 (Comp. Gen. Oct. 16, 2015), where GAO held that an agency can find a proposal technically unacceptable when it essentially parrots the terms of the solicitation. Now comes LOTOS S.r.l., B-411717.5 (Comp. Gen. Nov. 19, 2015), where GAO found that the agency had reasonably excluded an offeror from the competition based in part on the offeror’s failure to provide a detailed organizational chart.

The LOTOS case involved a solicitation issued by the Department of the Navy, Naval Facilities Engineering Command. The solicitation called for the award of approximately five IDIQ contracts, under which the awardees would provide design-build and design-bid-build construction services in Sigonella, Italty. The solicitation provided that award would be made on a best value basis, considering price and several non-price factors, including technical approach.

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