Impact: Alaska APEX at Work

The success of the Alaska APEX clients provides local jobs, increased tax revenue and a greater involvement in government-funded projects.

Increasing the state’s contractor base means more competition and better value for our military, our other government agencies and the American Taxpayer.

See how the Alaska APEX is making tangible impact in overall contract awards, outreach & support, and value.

Contract Totals

Totals of contracts awarded to Alaska APEX clients
Alaska APEX clients secured
$998 million
in contracts during FY21
$630 million
in Department of Defense contract awards
$326 million
in other federal agency awards
$4.5 million
in State and local agency awards awards

Client Outreach and Support

These counts of events and other statistics show the depth and breadth of our service to Alaskans.
Served clients in over
70 communities
in Alaska
60 workshops
or other training events
1641 hours
of one-on-one counseling
584 businesses
with technical assistance
1,256 contracts
awarded, worth $998 million APEX clients


A few other ways the Alaska APEX provides value to the Alaskan government contracting environment.
Hosted Industry Days featuring
DOD military bases in Alaska
Helped government agencies locate
qualified vendors
Sponsored Alaska's only annual
statewide conference
for government contracting