Fisheye Consulting

NOTE: The Alaska PTAC has been renamed as Alaska APEX Accelerator. This change occurred on September 15, 2023. Learn why.

Stephen Grabecki is the owner of FISHEY Consulting, a one-person firm that provides consulting on all aspects of fisheries, and as Stephen says, includes “from boat to throat.”  He specializes in biology, ecology, environmental studies and permitting, fishery development & management, and seafood safety & quality.  Many of his clients are in the petroleum,Grabacki@YerrickCreek mineral, hydroelectric, and seafood industries, and now the government sector.

In 2012, a decline in fishery dollars coming into the state moved Stephen to revise his business services to greater emphasize his environmental and bio sciences capabilities rather than his fisheries services. FISHEYE Consulting was created and he began to explore the government as a potential customer.  He worked with the Alaska PTAC first on setting up a Bidmatch profile, developing a Statement of Qualifications, attending several PTAC events, and eventually bidding on a contract:

“We received our first federal award, from the US Forest Service, to develop a plan to deal with the waste from the sockeye salmon sport fishery in the Kenai / Russian River Complex.  PTAC’s My Bid Match service presented the opportunity, and PTAC’s training sessions showed us how to best work with USFS’ Contracting Officer.”

Stephen continues to utilize our services and attends many of PTAC’s “Meet the Prime” and “Meet the Agency” events for networking opportunities and to continue to understand government contracting processes as FISHEYE Consulting moves through the present and future changes in government purchasing.