Tesla Electric

NOTE: The Alaska PTAC has been renamed as Alaska APEX Accelerator. This change occurred on September 15, 2023. Learn why.

How do you make time to look for new work when you are busy doing the work you have? Some businesses lurch along in classic “feast or famine” fashion, but a better run business looks for upcoming opportunities. Although, by law, most federal open­ bid contracts above $25,000 must be made public, it can be difficult to make time to find and sort them. The Bid Match program, offered to Alaska PTAC clients, makes looking for new contracts easy: this database program uses a targeted profile to filter posts and send them in a daily email.

Tesla Electric initially met with Alaska PTAC in 2007 and received general information and assistance in the government contracting process. They successfully used this information to win and process a number of successful bids. To stay engaged, Tesla Electric actively uses the Bid Match program. Kim Amar, Tesla Electric HR Generalist, says, “We’ve been awarded several airport reconstruction jobs this year starting at $50,000 and up. With Alaska PTAC daily emails, it ensures no bidding opportunities pass us by.”

Tesla Electric is a successful commercial electrical contracting company which has recently completed jobs in Prudhoe Bay, Kodiak, Petersburg, and Bethel and performs electrical contracting services from sites as diverse as drill rigs and pump stations to construction projects and villages. Like many successful companies, Tesla Electric has entered the government contracting marketplace in order to expand their base and add municipal, state, and federal customers. Through government contracts, they have worked on health clinics, schools, and airports throughout Alaska. It is always rewarding to work with clients who so successfully apply the guidance and information Alaska PTAC provides. Well done Tesla Electric!