Contract Closeouts

Successful contract management requires successful closeout. While many agencies may struggle with this step in the contract lifecycle, business often overlook this step completely. Closing out a contract can be as critical a task as proposing the contract. Receiving the final payment should not be a signal that it’s time to shelve that job and look to the next.

This webinar will help you will gain the skills to effectively deal with subcontractors and other teaming partners to ensure that contracts are closed according to the terms laid out and to handle problems or issues that may arise. Join Jody King, PTAC Contract Specialist to learn more about:

  • Contract closeout procedures – reviewing compliance issues
  • Reviewing costs – is this truly the final payment?
  • Lien releases
  • Rolling up past performance reporting
  • Outstanding insurance/warranty requirements
  • Record retention requirements
  • Archiving narrative

Handouts from the webinar can be found below:

2023 Contract Closeout handouts

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