Introduction to Government Contracting

New to the arena of government contracting? If yes, then this webinar is a great way to start!  In Fiscal Year 2023, the federal government awarded over $13B in contracts in Alaska. This amount did not just go to prime contractors; it involved subcontractors, vendors, transportation, and all levels of supply chain management.  If you have not looked how your company can fit into the federal contracting arena, then you may be missing out.
This webinar will introduce you to the world of federal government contracting and will discuss:
The differences between commercial and government contracts – learning a new language What is required to obtain federal contracts – registrations and certifications Where to find the government solicitations – introduction to contracting market research What are the next steps needed start pursuing government contracts – there are resources to help!

Handouts from this Webinar can be found below:
June 2024 Introduction to Govt Contracting handouts

Want Help With This Topic?

Do you have questions or feedback on this training? Please let us know. The Alaska PTAC team has diverse backgrounds in government contracting and works one-on-one with clients to provide technical assistance. We welcome the opportunity to further assist you!