Step 4: Register in SAM

Register in SAM (System for Award Management)

An active SAM registration is required to both do business with the federal government and to apply for funding opportunities. You must have an active entity registration to be eligible to receive contract awards or payments, submit assistance award applications via or receive certain payments from some federal government agencies

Prior to starting your registration, we  highly recommend you review either the Entity Registration Walkthrough or view the Quick Start Guide.  It will help identify the information you will need to have on hand and give you a look into the system before you begin creating the entity registration.

Registration in SAM is accomplished by first creating a user name and pass word online at There is a duel authentication process that takes place when setting up an account, so the user will need to be near a phone to received a phone call or text with a 6 digit authentication that must be put in the system to activate it. The user must also have access to the email account used to create the account.

Your Alaska APEX Accelerator is here if you need help with  If you are located in another state, you can find your local APEX office here.